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by Claudio A. Miranda

What is Avelt-Test?

The presentation that follows describes the need to have an English language assessment methodology in an effective, accurate and reliable manner that evidences the real strengths and weaknesses of those who must demonstrate their competences in the management of this language.
The Avelt-Test Assessment System takes the tools provided by The University of Cambridge International Certification System which separately evaluates the following skills that the candidate must demonstrate:
1. Use of oral grammar (via Zoom) and scriptural (Online)
2. Use of the lexicon. Oral (via Zoom)
3. Pronunciation and intonation (oral, via Zoom)
4. Listening and listening comprehension (Online)
The evaluations are divided into three sections:
Section 1: Part 1. Listening
Section 2: Part 2 and 3. Use of the Scriptural Grammar Structure (Writing) and Reading Comprehension (Reading).
Section 3: Speaking (Speaking) Using grammatical structure when speaking, using the vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation
The oral evaluation is done through personal interview with the candidate via Skype. In this first evaluation the evaluator (Native) will start the search of shortcomings that the participant owns and will register them in our software AveltTester which will go (as they are registered the same ones), delivering the percentage results immediately along with their Strengths and weaknesses in skills 1, 2, and 3. The assessment via Skype starts from the most elemental through all grammatical points, structure, lexicon and pronunciation in order to highlight the following:
a) Quick answer (ETR-Elapsed time to respond b) Correct use of D / T flaps c) Overlaping d) Correct use of contractions. (Will, is, have, has, has) e) H-reduction (reduction of H in fluent sentences in American English eg: him, her, his, have, has)
The assessment of listening, writing and reading comprehension is done online using the tools contained in the AVELT-TEST PRO® which measures the skills contained in points 1 and 4. By means of alternative answers (a, b, c, D) starting from the most elementary to the most complex in order to demonstrate understanding in the following aspects: 1. Understanding D / T flaps (American English) 2. Overlapping 3. Understanding contractions. 4. H-reduction comprehension (reduction of H in fluent sentences in American English, eg, him, her, his, have, has)

Confidentiality and Security
With respect to the confidentiality of the candidates we, as an examining body, do not interact with them at any time. The only time we are in contact is during the process of oral evaluation via Zoom App only by auditory route. Eye contact through the Zoom camera is not allowed. This in order to ensure the reservation and confidentiality of the candidates that the companies are required. And also to facilitate communication as eliminating the Skype camera improves the quality of sound by using fewer resources. On the other hand, to make sure that the candidate is who he/she claims to be, we only ask them to identify themselves with their full name and serial number of their identity card (We do not request their Legal Number) at the time of the evaluation in order to verify it with the information previously provided by the consulting company that requests our services.
With respect to the Certification Avelt-Programs issues a nominative certificate in the name of the candidate in which appears his/her full name, his/her Legal Number, day and time (from Chile or from the United States) in which he/she took the examinations. In the header of the document appear the internal control data of our Quality Management System. The body of the document is separated in two columns which report the results obtained by the candidate along with their strengths and weaknesses in their ability to communicate in English and their partial percentages. At the end of the document is the final result that indicates what his/her real level of language management is.
Certificates are issued with a QR code which encrypts the date of issue of the certificate and the Rut of the candidate together with a registration number, registration number and Internet address where the document can be verified.


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